Tri-Clean® Multi-Pack (15 Bottles)
Tri-Clean® Multi-Pack (15 Bottles)
Tri-Clean® Multi-Pack (15 Bottles)
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Tri-Clean® Multi-Pack (15 Bottles)

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Tri-Clean® is specially formulated for cleaning any removable dental appliance such as; InStyle Smile, Tri-Flex, Valplast, cast partials, dentures, night guards, and sports mouth guards, bite splints, anti-snoring and orthodontic appliances. In just 15 minutes, its fast and effective sodium-based effervescent formula will dissolve tartar and tough stains in hard to reach places. Tri-Clean® is specifically formulated to clean all thermal plastic appliances in cool water, preventing damage or distortion from happening to the appliance.

Tri-Clean® is packaged in a 12 oz. bottle. You will receive 15 bottles.


  • Cleans any removable dental appliance
  • Dissolves tartar and stains effectively
  • Cleans in just 15 minutes
  • Sodium based effervescent formula
  • Enough cleansing formula for 50 cleanings
  • Recommended for daily use